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Penumbra worm in Amnesia? - Hooumeri - 03-16-2011

I was just wondering if it were possible to get the Penumbra worm that comes thru the door imported to Amnesia?
Nothing fancy, just so that you could set it to move or something.. I guess it's not as easy as inporting infected.. but possible?

RE: Penumbra worm in Amnesia? - Tanshaydar - 03-16-2011

I think it is possible because ModelViewer can see one of the models.

RE: Penumbra worm in Amnesia? - Hooumeri - 03-20-2011

Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

If I recall, Everlone made a topic about conversion from Penumbra to Amnesia, I couldnt find it.
I'd appreciate if someone could link it to me or help in any way possible. Smile

RE: Penumbra worm in Amnesia? - Tanshaydar - 03-20-2011

No, simple conversion wouldn't work. There is much needed to import something moves. I have no knowledge of 3D modeling, bone structure, etc.
Everlone might be able to do it, but he is very busy nowadays. Maybe try to pm him?