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Forum password reset issue - mwoodj - 04-01-2011

I could not find a forum section that this issue pertains to so I chose the closest thing. The password reset system on the forum does not seem to be working correctly. I did a password reset for my account HyperEye. I immediately received the email with the reset code. Using that code the password was reset and I'm supposed to get another e-mail at the same address that contains a randomly generated password. That e-mail never comes in. I would appreciate some help in getting my accounts password reset. Thanks.

RE: Forum password reset issue - HyperEye - 04-04-2011

Problem solved. My ISP recently dumped all users spam filter settings and started holding e-mail marked as SPAM on their server instead of sending it to clients. The server was not flagging the password reset e-mail but it was flagging the new password e-mail. On my end it simply looks like one came in and the other didn't. I didn't think it would be held on the server because I set all e-mail to come to my inbox for my filters to handle spam a long time ago but they did not announce this change. I'm not even sure they are aware this change occurred. I sent them an e-mail to get the problem corrected.

Sorry about that.