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RE: Update? - Francis York Morgan - 04-08-2011

That suggestion about the RAR's being the free DLC is making me think...

RE: Update? - xiphirx - 04-08-2011

Guys, I think each of those RARS holds a new map because everything is set in place for DLC... config files, sound entities, everything D:
Also, there are 4 levels, 4 RARs

RE: Update? - Macil - 04-08-2011

Did anyone find the answers to these? Again, at work, so all I have to work with is my memory and maybe the Wiki. Smile
  • "The man who escaped death in Grenoble, who is he?"
  • "Who is hunting me?"
  • "And, who is the Banished One?"
  • "I would call on Gabriel to help. You know him - where did you meet him?"
  • "Where did you leave your sister?"

#1. I think this might be Agrippa
#2. Daniel
#3. Alexander
#4. Brennenburg -- did the village have a different name?
#5. Mayfair -- not sure if this is correct, but it is Daniel's hometown.

[Image: SDwuF.png]
[Image: mm4u6.png]
  • A simple man: hideous toad and hairy bat (1)
  • Dweller of the sky: mother in sea (1)
  • Give your eye and bowl: mass far below, creator of life (1)
  • Fibonacci digger: at graveyard, in gallery (2+4)
  • Temptation's tongue fell off at hole: plateau of the octo-leg (1)
  • The weights are in equilibrium: the gate (1+6)
  • Feather walker gaze at meal: unstoppable and shapeless (1)
  • Dual hooks and beams: many forms seek followers (8+9)
  • Two more remain in plain sight.

I think these describe the hieroglyphs. Obviously, there are also as many letters as there are hieroglyphs.

RE: Update? - xiphirx - 04-08-2011

I have some of the glyphs translated...

(source of info
[Image: u1bEm.png]

RE: Update? - Zearox - 04-08-2011!/frictionalgames/status/56418688550707200

" a new adventure become aware; to those that crack the blue riddle by the stair "

RE: Update? - Macil - 04-08-2011

I'm not sure they're going for a literal translation. I mean, they might be ... but the descriptions sound like they match certain glyphs.

Also, as a side note, I think these pictures were put together by another poster and don't necessarily correlate 1:1 ... so we need to establish which glyphs match with which letters (edit: although it looks like the glyphs/letters might have been stored in the game dir that way, according to wally's post way back on page 9 or 10 -- so maybe there IS a 1:1 correlation).

Here are some of my guesses:
  • Simple man -- the man picture.
  • Hideous toad and hairy bat (a bird) -- the bird with the little blob that looks like a frog.
  • Dweller of the sky (bird) -- the bird.
  • Mother in sea -- ???
  • Give your eye and bowl: the eye and the bowl.
  • Mass far below, creator of life -- the symbol that looks kind of like the symbol for woman.
  • Fibonacci digger: ???
  • at graveyard, in gallery: ???
  • Temptation's tongue fell off at hole: ???
  • Plateau of the octo-leg: the circle with the "legs."
  • The weights are in equilibrium: ???
  • the gate: the squarish shape in the top right looks kind of like a gate.
  • Feather walker (bird) gaze at meal: the bird and frog again.
  • Unstoppable and shapeless: ???
  • Dual hooks and beams: the one which two hook marks and what looks like support beams
  • Many forms seek followers: ???
  • Two more remain in plain sight: ???

RE: Update? - Francis York Morgan - 04-08-2011


RE: Update? - xiphirx - 04-08-2011


That book has hieroglyphics in it, please take a look and see if you can identify anymore
Also, new update only touches 004.rar

RE: Update? - Nurdock - 04-08-2011

Strange stuff:

RE: Update? - Macil - 04-08-2011


You might want to read the thread before posting Tongue

edit: the image was posted earlier, insights welcomed!