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RE: Update? - Zearox - 04-08-2011

Is anyone able to access Harolds email?

RE: Update? - xiphirx - 04-08-2011

Some thoughts...

Inscriptions of the Nile, where the unspeakable eldrich horror hide:

-A simple man: hideous toad and hairy bat (1)

Simple man = daniel
hideous toad = grunt (looks like a toad? DSmile
hairy bat = brute (its arm)

-Dweller of the sky: mother in sea (1)

Tin hanan (note in archives describes tin hanan as the mother of us all...)

-Give your eye and bowl: mass far below, creator of life (1)

-Fibonacci digger: at graveyard, in gallery (2+4)
-Temptation's tongue fell off at hole: plateau of the octo-leg (1)
-The weights are in equilibrium: the gate (1+6)

Maybe referring to the machine room puzzle? (cistern)

-Feather walker gaze at meal: unstoppable and shapeless (1)
-Dual hooks and beams: many forms seek followers (8+9)
-Two more remain in plain sight.

And those numbers... well there are 9 clues... and if you have them in sequence with adding the numbers

RE: Update? - Francis York Morgan - 04-08-2011

(04-08-2011, 07:34 PM)Zearox Wrote: Is anyone able to access Harolds email?

No, but I received a PM when I offered to help him escape Smile

RE: Update? - xiphirx - 04-08-2011

What is the "stair text"... what stair is everything referring to? :O

RE: Update? - Francis York Morgan - 04-08-2011

(04-08-2011, 07:42 PM)xiphirx Wrote: What is the "stair text"... what stair is everything referring to? :O

I ran it through an anagram generator and it wasn't particularly helpful. The blue wall text is located near a staircase, I believe. I'm nearly positive that the answer to this whole thing is to solve the Egyptian text to unlock the RARs.

Working on translating the glyphs now, though Zach and I have to leave for a while.

RE: Update? - eliasfrost - 04-08-2011

@Zearox, you can't email anyone on these forums, I have no idea why they haven't removed that restriction.

RE: Update? - Frontcannon - 04-08-2011

Man, you're not on the forums for some weeks, and then this happens.

@ xiphirx: I skimmed the book, but it's 280 pages (and google books is really slow).. know where to look?

RE: Update? - Francis York Morgan - 04-08-2011

Zach and I will return later but an important note
The Egyptian image needs to be flipped horizontally!

RE: Update? - Mastermind - 04-08-2011

(04-08-2011, 04:25 PM)Francis York Morgan Wrote: I contacted our elusive Mr. Larsson:


"Beneath stairs, the key to a rare tome can be found. Paired with ancient symbols, letters lurk inside names of my favorite nightmare-magican's dreams."

"Omen, placed as gift for god of tumbling perfect shapes. It is of no use in our realm, but very much so in its."

"The murderer's victim spoke of riddles, the answers forming a greater whole. It could perhaps unlock boiling layers inside forgotten memories?"

No idea what it means, but perhaps u will? I have no more time, they are onto me and the bear-trap around my ankle is slowing me down.



Random thoughts from the Steam Amnesia board:

envirovore Wrote:My thoughts on the quotes:

"Beneath the stairs..." - Referencing the Inscriptions of the Nile text? Or is something else hidden under another stair way?

"Omen, Placed as gift..." - No clue there. Makes me think of the orb, but how would that help solve any of this?

"The Murderers Victim spoke of riddles..." - The newly recorded and found quotes from the phonograph from the girl Daniel killed?

The "Omen, placed as gift..." probably references the Unexpected Omen notes. The "...tumbling perfect shapes..." makes me think of pin tumbler locks – it's likely referencing the passwords on the RAR files. As we thought earlier, the Unexpected Omen notes likely contain the encoded passwords for the locked RARs.

If the "Beneath the stairs..." part is indeed referring to Inscriptions of the Nile text, then "key to a rare tome" part may be referring to the key to solving the Unexpected Omen encryption.

"The Murderer's Victim spoke of riddles..." is obviously pointing to the phonograph recordings, but I'm not sure what to make of the "answers forming a greater whole."

RE: Update? - Mothhive - 04-08-2011

The Inscriptions of the Nile is definately the beaneath the stairs part, because that's exactly where the text is found! Smile