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RE: Update? - xiphirx - 04-08-2011

??? FYI the riddle is found in the very first map (rainy_halls). Instead of going the normal way, head into the room with rubble (one closest) and look at the wall...

Im an idiot!

frontcannon: page 21 is where it starts

RE: Update? - Mothhive - 04-08-2011

lol I got so confused for a minute. I thought they changed it's location to make it easier to find or something! Tongue

RE: Update? - Zearox - 04-08-2011

You people should join the Amnesia ARG IRC if you haven't already.

RE: Update? - Smilax - 04-08-2011

(04-08-2011, 08:37 PM)Zearox Wrote: You people should join the Amnesia ARG IRC if you haven't already.

^^^ This times a million. I registered just to say, for the massive volume of stuff Amnesia is putting out for this ARG there's very few people on the wiki willing to tackle it. Please register over there and tell us what you know.

RE: Update? - mattwestwick - 04-08-2011

The lesser amount of effort over amnesia's part in the game is that it is very scary.

RE: Update? - Francis York Morgan - 04-08-2011

new message:
Not much time...
To: Francis York Morgan
I think they got me for good now.. feet are gone and blood is gushing out...crocodiles...or something like it.

I need to be fast. For the past hours I have looked around the FG basement for anything I can use...and found some... This will be the last I can give..

Blue note: Its about pairs, where latter can generate the key. Dunno, what it means but some a side note was along these lines.

The murdered voice, she can help release the gaseous moist, and reach the inner web.

Omen is essential for the cubes... but does not belong with the forgetful mind.

That was all I can find, I hope it helps.... hope this brings them time.. is over...

RE: Update? - Bek - 04-08-2011

^ Where'd you get that from?

RE: Update? - Ricotez - 04-08-2011

(04-08-2011, 10:11 PM)Francis York Morgan Wrote: Omen is essential for the cubes... but does not belong with the forgetful mind.

The way I see this, the omen is required for the game Rush (cubes), but has no importance in Amnesia (forgetful mind). I haven't got a clue how the omen could be 'used' in Rush though.

RE: Update? - Macil - 04-09-2011


I agree.

I think the Omen file is too long to be some kind of character-replaced/shifted password. I thought it was some kind of image file that needed to be encoded (not to savvy about that kind of trickery). There are a couple of hints (at least) to ignore the Omen in regards to the RAR.
  • Omen, placed as gift for god of tumbling perfect shapes. It is of no use in our realm, but very much so in its.
  • Omen is essential for the cubes... but does not belong with the forgetful mind.
I have some possible answers to the questions asked in the sound file, which were, as you will recall:
  • "The man who escaped death in Grenoble, who is he?"
  • "Who is hunting me?"
  • "And, who is the Banished One?"
  • "I would call on Gabriel to help. You know him - where did you meet him?"
  • "Where did you leave your sister?"
#1. Agrippa (A or G)
  • Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, the well known erudite, visited Altstadt at the start of the 16th century ... One day he went to investigate a burrow in the northwestern glades only to never be seen again ... Heinrich is known to have passed away in Grenoble some ten years later.
#2. Daniel ( D ) / This could also be answered as "I am"

#3. Alexander ( A )

#4. Brennenburg ( B ) / Mortuary ( M )

I seem to recall it was suggested that the Brute was Gabriel. And, afterall, she says: "You laughed when I told you I would call on Gabriel to help." Perhaps she did call him (after she was dead) ...

#5. Mayfair ( M ) / Canterbury ( C )

Of course, Daniel is from Mayfair (as established in the intro.), so his family may be there, as well. However --
  • When Hazel turned fifteen she had lived three years longer than doctor Tate had foreseen. Her parents had given up from exhaustion and decided to have her committed for permanent treatment at Canterbury Hospice, but she was still alive. She had embraced him and wished him a grand adventure in Algeria.
Anyway, food for thought.

(edit: also wanted to emphasize the part of the sound file that says: "answer my questions and let them make a name for yourself.")

RE: Update? - kailip - 04-09-2011

WTF? Could someone tell me WTF is happening? i don't want to read 18 freaking pages @_@

And that is only for STEAM amnesia? ;_;