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RE: Update? - Synthecism - 04-09-2011

These messages mean one of two things:

a) Look only in the PDF, it's all that matters. (everything in the letter)
b) Look at Harold's letter.


RE: Update? - mattwestwick - 04-09-2011

Yeh I think it's a suggestion that we are lagging behind the bunch.

RE: Update? - Synthecism - 04-09-2011

Harold needs our help - gentlemen, we must work as efficiently as possible.

Two meanings. Are "Everything in the letter" and "two meanings" linked? is it "Everything in the letter has two meanings"? We don't know. Time for rampant speculation.

RE: Update? - mattwestwick - 04-09-2011

I think I have been muted or something at the IRC. It says Cannot send to channel: #valvearg2-AMNESIA
when I try to type.

: /

RE: Update? - xiphirx - 04-09-2011

ask for voice, /msg dragon2041 voice please!

RE: Update? - Synthecism - 04-09-2011

Channel is on mute - you've been voiced.

Harold E Larsson (Pr) Wrote:PRrtyere PainFul (and hardTosSee) hving batwIngs GrWing out mY eyeS. Thyse LobstRclawz notMking typIng easIer. SorrYifHardto read, doIng bsT I cn. PleasE Trty tO Not paYmuch attention.

tLettErIm unsURe. ThEt R currEntly DOingSome ritUl now so, cNNOT hearAnytTHing. I do RemMEBRER "rare" AND "pee dieriff" (SORY bad hring withRatlegs in eaRS?

AWEFULT PAIN NOW!!! Mst ENdure few hours... hpe was somehelp.

Synthecism Wrote:Harold, I understand that you are under extreme duress, but I am making a desperate plea. We have a task force of dozens working as hard as we can to save you, but it is essential that we understand some things.

You overheard them talking about a letter - one of the Swedish phrases you heard was "everything in the letter." If you can do anything to find out which letter they're talking about, it will bring us infinitely closer to getting you out of their alive.

Best of luck,
A friend

RE: Update? - mattwestwick - 04-09-2011

Cheers for that. good now

RE: Update? - Sebatiger - 04-09-2011

Damn you guys are all over this Tongue

RE: Update? - Francis York Morgan - 04-09-2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are being watched...

RE: Update? - Mothhive - 04-09-2011

*wave* Smile
From Twitter:

"Damn... Ritual was interrupted by some screaming and snapping claws (??). Need to redo..*sigh*"

"And sending out the croco-cats to search for whatever made those noises."