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RE: Update? - Synthecism - 04-10-2011

We know it's all in the pdf... but what do we do with the hex strings? We've tried converting them to decimal and using them as indices, we've tried converting it to text (useless), we've even XORed it and tried to compile it to an .exe and....

Harold will die if we can't figure this out.

RE: Update? - mattwestwick - 04-10-2011

Its a pain. Essentially we have a simple code but only speculative means of decoding it.

RE: Update? - Synthecism - 04-10-2011

Right... We've run dozens of tests on it, and I'm sure it will be something horrifyingly simple, but...

We just don't know.

RE: Update? - Francis York Morgan - 04-10-2011

This is brutal

RE: Update? - Synthecism - 04-10-2011

We are hopeless... For all we know it could not be hex, and end up being something crazy like "each number plus the letter next to it." We just don't know anything.

RE: Update? - Francis York Morgan - 04-10-2011

A good portion of the suggestions are so off and not enough people seem to know the right direction to head. Hell, even I'm getting turned around.

The HEX has something to do with this, we just need to figure out what.

RE: Update? - mattwestwick - 04-10-2011

I'll try crossing my eyes and doing to macarena whilst looking at it.

All the while I have been guessing phrases and names related even slightly to the game.

I bet I came really close but got owned by spelling or upper case letters.

Carry on chaps!

RE: Update? - Mothhive - 04-10-2011

New update on Twitter:

"Dags att lägga sig nu efter att ha skrivit alla dessa meningar."

Translates (probably very poorly by freetranslation) to

"Time to move now after having signed all these sentences."

RE: Update? - Dindril - 04-10-2011

another new tweet: Dags att lägga sig nu efter att ha skrivit alla dessa meningar.

Too late: someone posted before me

RE: Update? - Synthecism - 04-10-2011

From our Swedish speaker, it means "Time to go to bed after writing all these sentences/phrases."