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RE: Update? - Apjjm - 04-02-2011

(04-02-2011, 12:28 AM)wally Wrote: Has anyone investigated this further?

I think that was there before this most recent update. But I used the rocks to clip out of the map and took a stroll over there to be sure. Stood where the entities were and nothing happened.
[Image: 0jbnN.jpg]

RE: Update? - Bek - 04-02-2011

From what I can see that pink volume in the archives is just a blocking volume in the editor?

As for zimmer_vision, is that just the memory / dream thingo where daniel and alexander go to the village to get some people?

RE: Update? - Lateralus - 04-02-2011

I think I've found the reason for all the potatoes...

[Image: piccyi.jpg]

RE: Update? - ThatCanadianGuy - 04-02-2011

But as it relates to amnesia...What's the solution?!?!?!

RE: Update? - NGW - 04-02-2011

I'm tellin' ya, elaborate prank.

RE: Update? - Droopy - 04-02-2011

My thought is that there really isn't a solution, but rather an incredible bout of viral whimsy.
Very engaging and the highlight of my April Fools Day Smile

I hope FG follows this kind of pattern for perhaps viral marketing of their next release or something along those lines. Wink Wink

RE: Update? - Cheesezorz - 04-02-2011

This can't just be over yet. There's plenty of other new things in Amnesia now than just potatoes.

RE: Update? - Droopy - 04-02-2011

One thing I really liked about this update was how replaying the game while vigilantly searching for eastereggs really helped me notice some of things I didn't before.
I also can't help but point out that even some of the people in this thread have done the same thing, mistaking these oddities as 'new', much as I did.

Awesome way to get us to appreciate the game once again Tongue

RE: Update? - Unselfish Knave - 04-02-2011

There's a rar archive in the game folders named "super_secret." Was that there before?

RE: Update? - Cheesezorz - 04-02-2011

(04-02-2011, 09:06 AM)Unselfish Knave Wrote: There's a rar archive in the game folders named "super_secret." Was that there before?

Yup. Since the release.