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RE: Section C door code - Willbreaker - 04-02-2007

Sector C Door

Spoiler below!
The blank note is found in shaft 13. You'll have to climb through the spider tunnels there, and in a locker room you'll find in a locker (obviously) a blank note. After you have that, go to shaft 12, there you'll find a train cart, cut the chains holding it in place with the boltcutter from the tool shed, and push it down the slope. When you walk through the crashed wall go right, go into the room, turn on the UV light, double click the blank note in the inventory and use it on the UV light. Now you'll find the answer. Good luck!


RE: Section C door code - Konn - 04-03-2007

Spoiler below!
My problem is somewhat different. I had already found the blank note and deduced that I have to enter shaft 12 and I cut the wires preventing the wagon to go down and pushed it. But the wagon is stuck (de-railed?) halfway and I have been trying to find a workaround for the last 2 hours. Have I missed something or should I do something else to make the wagon descend completely?

RE: Section C door code - jens - 04-03-2007

You should replay from before you pushed it, it's not supposed to be stuck halfway

RE: Section C door code - Konn - 04-03-2007

Thanks Jens, hope I will find a proper auto-save before that moment.

RE: Section C door code - espresso - 04-03-2007

Well i have same problem looks like but still cant find answer lol
Spoiler below!
I found a blank note in shaft 13. I found closed door in shaft C. And u say i have to go to shaft 12 to use blank note on UV light but i cant cause door to it is closed! so only where i can get in is some kinda of oil plant room, close to shaft 12. and what to do there? i go ahead and i see big ventelator upstars, also an attached ladder but i dont know what to do there!

RE: Section C door code - Willbreaker - 04-03-2007

Perhaps you should find a key or something? I don't recall that part so well.


RE: Section C door code - acetken - 04-04-2007

Yeah, well to explain how I got through the refinary, watch this video:

Now I can't get the blank piece of paper, so what's the code? I'm totally stuck otherwise.

EDIT: Nevermind. I'm a tool. I forgot section 13.

RE: Section C door code - den1 - 04-07-2007

Hi gyes,I have everything,but when i click double on the UV light nothing happen(with the note of course)why????what is the problem -please help me!! thanks

RE: Section C door code - stAtic15 - 04-07-2007

Turn on the lights (room turns purple, letters on the walls) then click the "Blank Note" in the inventory. A code shows up.

RE: Section C door code - Willbreaker - 04-07-2007

I am amazed how you, den1, could miss how to use that blank paper on the UV light. It has been written some hundreds times.