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FG Fan-Logo - Googolplex - 04-09-2011

Here is a much better looking logo for Frictional Games.

The final version will get sound too.
What do you think about it?

RE: FG Fan-Logo - Yuhaney - 04-09-2011

In short: Professional looking.

In longer with critics: Professional looking, but pretty used idea.

It looks rusty which gives it a nice touch.
I would add little sparks coming out of the gear as it rolls with some steam at the end, like it would give the effect that it is forged with the "Frictional Games" text.

RE: FG Fan-Logo - Gharren - 04-09-2011

Looks really awesome. Nice job. Smile

RE: FG Fan-Logo - Oscar House - 04-09-2011

Love it! Can't wait for the version with sound!

RE: FG Fan-Logo - Tanshaydar - 04-09-2011

Really professional looking but as Scraper mentioned, looks cliché.
Rusty look makes it amazing though!

RE: FG Fan-Logo - Mina Darsh - 04-09-2011

I think it's not bad that it looks a little cliché, it's very nice to start with. Also the question is, what wouldn't be cliché? Many things have been done already, like stamping on the letters, also done by many intros, fade in, light passing by, et cetera, it has pretty much all been done I think. So in my opinion it is perfect already. Just needs some fancy cinema quality sound for the spinning gear and yes, sparks. Smile

RE: FG Fan-Logo - Tanshaydar - 04-10-2011

Now that's it.

RE: FG Fan-Logo - Arvuti - 04-10-2011

The "games text" is kind of hard to notice, maybe make it bit more lighter ?

RE: FG Fan-Logo - RedShift - 04-10-2011

Good Show! I like it

RE: FG Fan-Logo - Bek - 04-11-2011

Awesome, +1 for adding sparks. Give us a pyrotechnics demonstration - show no mercy with the particle spawners.