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Cannot Pick Up String? - martin - 04-01-2007


I'm in the old workshop
Spoiler below!
(the room after the bit just after the dog starts chasing you and breaks down the door and you input the code on a door) and I assume that i'm supposed to be able to pick up a piece of string from the box of strings by pressing interact.

However, I'm unable to pick up the string. Pressing interact does nothing. The only thing I can do is right click and have the "odd box of strings" message come up.

Is this normal, or am I just being dense because i've forgotten to pick something up that allows me to get a string?


RE: Cannot Pick Up String? - WindexGlow - 04-01-2007

Press 'tab' and see if it's in your inventory.

And you need special bomb proof, anti-radiation, flame resistent gloves in order to pick up the harmless string.

RE: Cannot Pick Up String? - ShadowMan - 04-01-2007

Spoiler below!
Go to the office, and you'll find an important piece of paper on the desk. This will allow you to pick up the string.

This kinda bugged me.

RE: Cannot Pick Up String? - Thomas - 04-01-2007

Spoiler below!
Actually, you need book of explosives. Why would you decide to pick up a cotton-string unless you know how to make a fuse Wink