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Requiem retail? - gandalf91 - 04-19-2011

So I own Overture and Black Plague in retail packages already...I'm looking for Requiem but I can only find it in complete collection packs retail, at Frictional store, and Steam. Huh Any suggestions?

RE: Requiem retail? - Yuhaney - 04-19-2011

It was only download when it was released.
Only retail of it is with the Penumbra Collection.

RE: Requiem retail? - jens - 04-19-2011

If you want to be cool you can order it from Russia, they got a retail release of Requiem dubbed Penumbra 3. Wink

RE: Requiem retail? - gandalf91 - 04-19-2011

Lol, I'll consider that. Is there a download though that's not part of the collection?

RE: Requiem retail? - jens - 04-19-2011 currently 60% off so pretty much for free

RE: Requiem retail? - Googolplex - 04-19-2011

There is a retail collection only in english at now:

I'm waiting for the german version (coming 31.12.2011).

RE: Requiem retail? - Yuhaney - 04-19-2011

Why is it that every game you release, the first retail version is always Russian. Big Grin

RE: Requiem retail? - gandalf91 - 04-20-2011

Thanks Jens! Smile

RE: Requiem retail? - Googolplex - 07-15-2011

I'm looking for a retail CD of Requiem too.
I have Overture and Black Plague as retail CDs and now I wanted to buy Requiem as retail.
I'm from germany and my Overture and Black Plague are in german. In the collection it is only in english, so I don't want to buy the collection only for Requiem.

There is a single retail release of Requiem?

The link from Jens... GamersGate is only a download shop, the product will be not sent in a box to you.

There is any retail CD?