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Technical Problem in Custom Story (Answer Found) - Kyle - 04-21-2011

I've been having a problem when it comes to this room I make. Let me describe it, it is a cellar area (cellar walls etc.) and there is a door that connects room1 to room2. The door, after all my attempts, would glitch and wouldn't open correctly and you could see a crack in the side where you could look past the door into room2. When I managed to get around to the other side (door isn't glitched in the editor) in the game, room2 doesn't have walls anymore. I tryed to replace it, but it just dissapeared again.

I'm not sure if I have to remove some cache file or something because it was a while ago when this happened. Thank you for your time.

Found the answer, I had to remove the cache map file for my level. The glitch caused the game to load a previous update to the map. It's all better. Time to get back to scripting! Big Grin