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A Grunt Ragdoll - MrBigzy - 04-22-2011

A little present for you guys Big Grin

Alternate mirror:

Video of it:

RE: A Grunt Ragdoll - Cryaotic - 04-22-2011


Thanks for this, Bigzy! I can see this being used in some interesting ideas in future custom stories. :]

RE: A Grunt Ragdoll - xiphirx - 04-22-2011

I love you. Could you post a tutorial on how you did this? I'm very interested D:

RE: A Grunt Ragdoll - Danny Boy - 04-22-2011

hmm... download not working?

RE: A Grunt Ragdoll - Russ Money - 04-22-2011

Looks like you found out about rigging, woot!

RE: A Grunt Ragdoll - Kyle - 04-22-2011

Awesome! I plan to use it in my upcoming custom story Le Meutrier (The Murderer). I'll make sure to give you some credit in the credits. Smile

RE: A Grunt Ragdoll - vanjavk - 04-23-2011

Very nice Big Grin

RE: A Grunt Ragdoll - skypeskype - 04-23-2011

Awsome. Too bad I dont make stories xD

RE: A Grunt Ragdoll - MrBigzy - 04-23-2011

I put up an alternate download.

Basically, I took the grunt model to maya, stripped all the animations and imported it out, since you can't connect joints to bodies if they have animations. Then I just put it in the model editor, added bodies to different body parts, and added specific joints between each part, specific to how the body moves. I could write an actual tutorial for a general ragdoll I guess if you need details.

RE: A Grunt Ragdoll - Ghostflame - 04-23-2011

Brute rag... wait, no, he's too awesome and tough to be dead.