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Gamma resetting - ShadowMan - 04-02-2007

The gamma options resets every time I restart the game. Though the displayed value remains consistent (0.7) between sessions, the visual effect disappears and reverts to appearing as if gamma is set to 1.0. I have to readjust the gamma every time I restart the game.

No idea why this is happening.

RE: Gamma resetting - Thomas - 04-02-2007

Are all other options saved? Is it only gamma that is not saved?

RE: Gamma resetting - ShadowMan - 04-02-2007

Everything else is preserved. The actual number for the gamma setting is saved, but only the number. The effect isn't.
I can probably take some before-and-after pics if needed.

RE: Gamma resetting - ShadowMan - 04-03-2007

Quick update, this glitch doesn't seem to occur anymore. I think playing the game in the dark for so long might've caused me to hallucinate or something.

RE: Gamma resetting - Thomas - 04-03-2007

Ok good to know all is well Smile

RE: Gamma resetting - Dark - 04-03-2007

all is well with his comp yeah
but with him? XD (just kidding btw)

RE: Gamma resetting - Jetsetlemming - 04-03-2007

Maybe he's been eating spiders. :O