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Looking for a co-creator - Acies - 05-20-2011

I am currently working on a new project and I would like to have someone else join me. It is supposed to be a short story (around 1h). I have the genaral story outlined, but I am constantly adding details as I go along.

As a co-creator you'll have a free hand at creating whatever you want (within the limits of the story of course). You should have some experience in mapmaking/scripting and any adds to that is a plus.

Basically we'll be discussing ideas, mapmaking, scripting etc. learning from each other and create a good story.

I have knowledge in:
1. Mapmaking
2. Scripting
3. Creating skyboxes, textures etc.
Some basic knowledge in:
1. Creating models
2. Animations
And importing them to Amnesia.

If you are feeling interested, post a quick summary of your talents.

Cheers Smile

RE: Looking for a co-creator - dragonlordsd - 05-20-2011

Well, since you helped me out, I'd be willing to help in any way I can, although the only talents I can really list are Mapmaking and Writing.
I can use photoshop and aftereffects (actually, that's my current job: to create pictures and videos and stuff) But I don't know how much use that would be in designing a custom story.

Still, if you need anything, I'm not usually very busy. Smile

RE: Looking for a co-creator - Karai16 - 05-21-2011

Sounds like fun, I'm in if you're still looking for someone.

RE: Looking for a co-creator - Acies - 05-21-2011

Thank you both. Both of you have released two basic maps? Let's see what you can produce mapwise Smile I think you will learn alot in the process. You can contact me via pm if you are interested and I'll fill you in with the details

RE: Looking for a co-creator - dragonlordsd - 05-21-2011

I'll send you my unfinished wip, the bizarre corridor. I've been playing around with really weird ideas in it. (There's a thread in the showcase section where you can check out some screens from it.)