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Name for program - X4anco - 05-20-2011

Hello peoples,

I'm currently making a program that allows you to play flash games
without connecting to the internet (you have to download them first, then
you can take it anywhere) the idea is that you could download games from
home then play them in a place with no internet connection.

But like with most good ideas I can't think of a name, can you think
of a name for my program?


RE: Name for program - Xanatos - 05-21-2011

FlashGrabber? Plug'n'Play? FlashSnatch? Or you can go simple: Flash Downloader.

RE: Name for program - X4anco - 05-21-2011

Thank-you Big Grin

RE: Name for program - DonProtz - 05-21-2011

Flashback, Backflash

RE: Name for program - ferryadams10 - 05-22-2011


RE: Name for program - laser50 - 05-22-2011


(05-22-2011, 10:35 AM)ferryadams10 Wrote: F*ckYou'N'Play?


RE: Name for program - Yuhaney - 05-22-2011

FlashPlayer. lol?

RE: Name for program - Russ Money - 05-23-2011

Flashbang. Tongue