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RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE] - Elexyr - 06-07-2011

I am very pleased to say everything is working according to your intentions.

I have completed Abduction now, must say, I died so many times at the end! Big Grin

I take off my hat for you Anxt, in fact, you can have the hat! A custom story that is almost as long as the game itself. Gives a nice explanation to some unanswered questions in the original game.

Many nice scares, innovative puzzle solving and overall good story progression throughout the whole custom story.

Thank you, Anxt, for this wonderful, scary and entertaining story that gets the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I find it a privilege to have tested your story, though not as beta tester, but nevertheless.

I will even buy another hat if you so wish!

I am eagerly looking foward to whatever you create in the future. Let us all hope it holds the same standards as this one.


RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE] - Anxt - 06-07-2011 works? IT WORKS?!?!?

IT WORKS!!!!!!!

Time to go jump up and down ecstatically.

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE] - alexduplex - 06-07-2011

Haha, I couldn't have said it better than Elexyr, just now. Smile

Thank you for this great experience!

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE] - Anxt - 06-07-2011

No, thank you guys for helping me resolve these terrible bugs and errors.

I really appreciate it Smile

And I have learned a very large amount about not naming things the same thing Tongue

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE] - Elexyr - 06-07-2011

I just can't wrap my head around the scripting! Though I haven't really given it a go yet, just seems like alot to take in!

Many small details that can screw everything up. Meh, good you stuck with it!

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE] - Anxt - 06-07-2011

Well, I am going to upload the final (hopefully correct) version to ModDB, then hopefully everything will be all kittens and rainbows.

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE] - Elexyr - 06-07-2011

Goddamn NYAN CAT! Noooo! :p

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE] - Anxt - 06-07-2011

...I wasn't even thinking about that.

Now I am.

le sigh.

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE] - bobbo - 06-07-2011

Looks like evrything's working now!

I had made notes from the very beginning to give a complete feedback about the whole story but after downloading version after version I can't make sense of those days old notes anymore. If desired I'll play it again some time.

This way, I'll just say: Boy, what an ending! Big Grin

Spoiler below!

First the descriptions of the experiments leading to the successful one. Then the prison cell which let's you have a good look at the brute (could be even longer though!). Then this great final fight.

The tasks in the fight really suit the enemy, the original game really should have had something tough like this! The only downside are the clunky controls of the original game. While it's pretty easy to understand what to do you'll still die many times just because the character doesn't move agile enough.

I liked the relaxing walk back to the bed. One small issue here: when you lay down with an activated lantern, the character will still hold it when he startles - so you see a horizontally hanging lantern in that last scene.

All together it was a great experience! I didn't count but I guess this fills several hours with great scares, nice puzzles and a well-made story. Clearly a must-have for every Amnesia player!

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 [RELEASE] - Anxt - 06-07-2011

I appreciate the kind words!

Yeah, I realize the last bit is a little difficult sometimes, but oh well, that's what checkpoints are for Tongue

I am very glad you enjoyed it!

If you don't mind, though, please submit that review or something like it on the ModDB page for Abduction, so everyone can see it Smile