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RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 Progress Thread - Dark Knight - 06-02-2011

Chapter 3 - is the last part of Great trilogy?
(god loves threeTongue)

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 Progress Thread - Anxt - 06-02-2011

This is the last chapter, although bear in mind they are not meant to be separate stories in themselves, but rather just installments of a much larger story.

More details as I progress through the final phase of testing, but I have decided that I want ONE person to test the full version.

Now, people who volunteer for this should be prepared to do the following:

1. Play through the ENTIRE STORY! I NEED to know if everything runs smoothly, especially between chapter transitions. I need to know if all of the entities, sounds, music, etc. work properly in all maps.
2. Try to break it! Look for flickering walls, look for things that are out of place, look for glitches and bugs, look for anything I can fix, and keep notes about them, where they are and such.
3. Pay attention to the story. Do all of the story elements fit together? Are there some outlying parts which don't seem to make sense? I realize that a story really needs to have a nice flow, and in my head, everything does, but it may not appear that way for other people, so I need to know if everything makes sense based on the flow of the story.
4. Take note of the amount of oil/tinderboxes in the story, and see if you think there is too much or too little. I know there will me too many tinderboxes, but the oil is my primary concern.
5. Did it feel like it dragged on? It's too late to really change that now, but it would be good to know in the future.

PLEASE only offer if you are willing to do ALL of these things, and within the next 24 hours. I need the feedback ASAP, as I want to release on Saturday. You may offer either in this thread, on ModDB, or through PM. If nobody wants to do it, I will try to test on a friend's computer.


RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 Progress Thread - Karai16 - 06-02-2011

Saturday? O.O I'm not sure if I can make that. I'm not sure if the mechanics will come over to look at my laptop tomorrow...

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 Progress Thread - Anxt - 06-02-2011

That's ok, I know you are having computer troubles, so don't worry about it Smile

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 Progress Thread - bobbo - 06-03-2011

Unless you need a completely "unprepared" tester I could do it. But we'd need to get going quickly, I might be busy later today.

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 Progress Thread - RawkBandMan - 06-03-2011

Ah, I would if I could (I did Demo(?) but not Full(?)) but I'm busy all Friday and Saturday. Damnit Sad

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 Progress Thread - Anxt - 06-03-2011

Unfortunately, I realize the short notice makes it difficult for people to do it, and I won't be able to upload the file for another several hours, since I have to go to work now Sad

I promise, though, that I will do everything in my power to make sure chapter 3 is bug-free.

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 Progress Thread - Dark Knight - 06-03-2011


i can be a beta tester. today.
if you agreed, P.M. me Wink

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 Progress Thread - Elexyr - 06-03-2011

I am sure this installment will not disappoint, Anxt!

I can help you test the whole product if you wish. I can do it tomorrow (saturday) and give you feedback by the evening.

RE: Abduction: Chapter 3 Progress Thread - Anxt - 06-04-2011

*said in Wheatley's voice*

Uhmm...alright, well, here's the plan. It's actually a, uhm, four-part plan, so to speak, so, here we go.
Part one, I upload the file, which is now, um, complete.
Part two, I move the file, over to ModDB.
Part three, ModDB authorizes it.
Part four, you play it.

It's foolproof!

But in all seriousness, I am uploading the file now, and I hope everything works properly. I will post again here once the file has been approved by ModDB, and therefore available to all.

Thanks for the support, everyone!