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RE: littel teaser of new monster - DonProtz - 05-30-2011

thx for your comments, iam working on a new char, only using the base of this mesh and trying something new... plz be patient Tongue

RE: littel teaser of new monster - Eyvindr - 05-30-2011

Very cool! I'm looking forward to see how this turns out. Someone should make some tutorials on how to make these sort of things! Rolleyes

RE: littel teaser of new monster - Wonderbread - 05-30-2011

(05-30-2011, 01:51 PM)coop97 Wrote: What if you made his head kind of loll around when he walks or runs, or make it able to walk on ceilings or walls like a spider (if that's possible). The latter might be a bit overdone, but both would make me throw my computer out the window.
Also, I'm with the bloodied footprints idea by Russ Money.

Omg seeing something crawling at you like a spider on a ceiling in a long dark hallway... Hell yeah I would punch my computer, throw it, anything to get away..

Sounds really hard to do though unfortunately :/

RE: littel teaser of new monster - DonProtz - 11-12-2011

Funny to read the comments ^^ the most comments are about penis-issue Tongue
Sorry that he never will be finished. At the time i created him, i had a lot more time (another job)...