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[SPOILER]Ep1 Plot Summary - Doffy90 - 04-05-2007

Ok since Im obviously stupid (not really but I am lazy and didnt read all those looooong notes, but I read some) can someone please summarize the plot for me. Smile

RE: Ep1 Plot Summary - Willbreaker - 04-06-2007

Spoiler below!
The plot is something along the lines of you being Philip, and you are searching for something that your father lead you to. You accidentaly found it while traversing the snowy plains and you got stuck so you try to escape. Along the way to your escape you find a way to talk to Red. When you meet him he kills himself and the door which he tried to keep you out of. You enter it, going down a stair and ending up in a corridor. There you see a man the fans call the "Silhoutte man" then the lights go out, your flashlight failing and you walk through the corridor. A door opens and someone grabs you. The ending says "To be continued."

I guess that's it.


RE: [SPOILER]Ep1 Plot Summary - Doffy90 - 04-06-2007

What about the cult? I saw someone mention a cult or something.

RE: [SPOILER]Ep1 Plot Summary - Thaliur - 04-06-2007

I don't think the involvement of the cult was clear in the game. The only thing I've seen that could refer to anything like a cult was a book abaout Greenland Myths.

RE: [SPOILER]Ep1 Plot Summary - Willbreaker - 04-06-2007

And then there are two messages more than that Thaliur.

The employment list and the message from a subordinate to the high caste.


RE: [SPOILER]Ep1 Plot Summary - Thaliur - 04-07-2007

Oh, yes.
I forgot about those two. Just read them again and, yes, you appear to be right.
In the case of the employment list I assumed this was just some weird ranks the survivors created.

RE: [SPOILER]Ep1 Plot Summary - 242 - 04-07-2007

Willbreaker Wrote:And then there are two messages more than that Thaliur.

The employment list and the message from a subordinate to the high caste.


More than that. I suppose majority of 1990-2001 notes are notes of the cult members (for instance 3 notes of "spider's lover", he was a member of cult expedition too as I understood).

All notes can be divided on 5 major periods:
First - preWW2 period, old iron mine
Second - WW2 period, military base
Third - postWW2 period up to 1954, old iron mine again, was closed in 1954.
Fourth - 1956-1972, 'new', rebuilt iron mine, some catastrophe occured in 1972 and 40 something workers vanished, bodies not found, mine was closed. Perhaps it was just explosion (see note), perhaps something much more frighteful occured after explosion with survived workers as no bodies were found.
Fifth - around 1990 - 2001, cult expedition period. According to note of "spider's lover" the same cataclism that occured about 30 years ago (1972) and because of which they (cult expedition) arrived, occured again in 2001 just when Philip arrived to the mine.

RE: [SPOILER]Ep1 Plot Summary - Willbreaker - 04-07-2007

Sure, they can be notes written BY cult members, but they don't refer to the cult, right?