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Tank Model in Amnesia - hkkomiltinn - 06-09-2011
tank in amnesia watch the video

RE: tank in amnesia - DamnNoHtml - 06-09-2011

Dammit, I was hoping you meant the Left 4 Dead Tank. He fits a little better in the game's theme.

RE: tank in amnesia - Anxt - 06-09-2011

He wouldn't be that scary. Run through a doorway. Physics will do the rest Tongue

RE: tank in amnesia - GraphicsKid - 06-09-2011

Tank's a little small... scale it up 3x and then it'll be about right.

RE: tank in amnesia - xtron - 06-09-2011

I was about to shit my pants when you said "tank in amnesia" then I saw an actuall tank hehe.

RE: tank in amnesia - hkkomiltinn - 06-09-2011

i didnt make the tank model i just made it work with amnesia

RE: tank in amnesia - hkkomiltinn - 06-15-2011

converting models to amnesia can be hard at some times

RE: tank in amnesia - nemesis567 - 06-15-2011

Making models is harder.

RE: tank in amnesia - hkkomiltinn - 06-16-2011

i tried to convert some half-life 2 models to amnesia didnt work for some reason so i bet there will be not left 4 dead tank in amnesia

RE: tank in amnesia - Doctorcheese - 06-16-2011

Now make it shoot Big Grin