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OVERTURE PROBLEM - mateuszpl - 06-12-2011

Hello. I'm new here and I have a problem with the Overture game.
My PC stuck so i pushed the reset button (it all happened while playing Penumbra : O ).

After the restart i've tried to run the game and all i get is ' cannot find alutGetError procedure in alut.dll'

I know its OpenAL's dll file. I have reinstalled OpenAL and patched the game but it doesnt work...

Any ideas??


RE: OVERTURE PROBLEM - plutomaniac - 06-12-2011

For Overture help (there is plenty) go here:

Check this out(Only the 2nd part after I wrote "If that doesn't help do two things":

Make sure you have this installed:

RE: OVERTURE PROBLEM - Googolplex - 06-12-2011

Installed latest OpenAL version?

Installed Patch v1.1?