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Finska's awesome music - Finska - 06-19-2011

I make music w/ FL Studio 8. My genre is techno/trance. I have a few songs in Youtube.

TobyTurner Kick-ass Techno Remix

I have other songs in there too, but these are my favourite so check them out.

RE: Finska's awesome music - Danny Boy - 06-19-2011

lol not bad at all Big Grin
Thats a win! guy on Frictional game's forum submiting his tecnho music Win!!!
Bless you face! toby OUT!!!

RE: Finska's awesome music - Finska - 06-19-2011

Dude, I'm just a bored guy who's lazy friends do not kill time outside, so I have enough time to do that kind of crap Big Grin
TobyRemix was my first remix ever and I think I succeeded pretty well Big Grin

RE: Finska's awesome music - Googolplex - 06-20-2011

This music is the best kind of trance/techno!
I love the epic touch.

And this one.
I love it really!

RE: Finska's awesome music - Finska - 06-20-2011

But this is a thread for my music :/

RE: Finska's awesome music - TGST - 06-20-2011

Too trance-ish and techno-ish, but otherwise your songs are really nice.

RE: Finska's awesome music - spukrian - 06-21-2011

Not my cup of tea, but it's ok!