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RE: Frictional Games next game this year? - Tanshaydar - 06-20-2011

Then this comes to me Big Grin
Spoiler below!
[Image: a1ZES.gif]

RE: Frictional Games next game this year? - Googolplex - 06-20-2011

They started with development of their next game before Amnesia was released.
So, it might could be finished this year, if we see how fast they released their games. But I think it will be released next year.

They have much work with HPL3 engine, creating all levels, devise story and puzzles, sounds and textures, objects and physics updates, fixing all bugs and make a game of their roadworks.

They have all the time they need, because there is no publisher who jostle them to finish it. So I think, it will be released in 04/2012.

RE: Frictional Games next game this year? - hollowleviathan - 06-20-2011

We don't really know that the engine is still under development, it's been a while since we heard about the scripting. Also, like I've said before, they're definitely working on the mapping, writing, and art assets while the engine is being made. There's no way that most of the team is playing tiddlywinks waiting for the engine to hit 100%.

RE: Frictional Games next game this year? - GraphicsKid - 06-21-2011

I just hope this time the monsters aren't all bipeds (not including the Kaernk of course!) How scary would that be to think you're alone, you keep hearing noises, you look around, there's nothing, then you look up... Wink

RE: Frictional Games next game this year? - Nothinglikesleep - 06-21-2011

I also think the release will be 2nd or 3rd quarter Of 2012 as I think that the game will involve larger areas of play. I think there will be alittle more freedom to roam around perhaps a town rather than one specific structure. With the success of Amnesia I think frictional is definitely willing to go all out on the next game. I imagine there will be more npcs to interact with also. The only games I'm looking forward to now are: skyrim, downpour and the next frictional game. Also the psp ngp silent hill game "book of memories" was announced.

RE: Frictional Games next game this year? - spukrian - 06-21-2011

Frictional is tigh-lipped about the game at the moment. That is indeed the right way to go. They don't need to fan the flames of high expectations... not yet anyway.