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My lang file suddenly doesn't work - Paulpolska - 06-24-2011

Everything was good. I add some lines to my lang file
<CATEGORY Name="CustomStoryMain">
<Entry Name="Description">Dear Brother</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Journal">
<Entry Name="start">Where Am I ? I see the letter.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Scroll1_Name">Dear Brother</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Scroll1_Text">I had lock you in the north room[br]of the castle. After guards trying catch me i hide myself [br]on the library. You been in a coma and you must get the ownership paper.</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Uwierz1_Name">Waiting</Entry>
<Entry Name="Note_Uwierz1_Text">This is very important. Our family was rejected from society.[br] Difficult sick bothering us ... [br]Papers we must get it !</Entry>
<CATEGORY Name="Inventory">
<Entry Name="ItemName_Keytower1">Centre Key</Entry>

And suddenly doesn't work. I don't know why ? Everything work few minutes ago

RE: My lang file suddenly doesn't work - Roenlond - 06-24-2011

[br]Papers we must get it !</Entry>
There's an error in there somewhere.