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Point Lights not showing - JD Zombie - 06-27-2011

So I want to have some candles on the floor but I can't have the light shining through underneath so I thought I'd use the 'no light' candles and put small point lights above them to mimic the glow.

Works fine for the first candle but all the others are a no-show, they're all connected to their own separate point lights but only one works. I'm also still able to connect point lights to other light entities, it's just limiting candles to 1. Why?

Gah, maybe I'll just redesign the room so lights shining through is not a concern then I could just fall back to the original attempt. Gonna be a hassle.

RE: Point Lights not showing - Khyrpa - 06-27-2011

This is not a straight answer to your question, but this video shows how to connect more than 1 point/spot light into lamp entity and start a slight flicker of color.

If you want to make it without the flicker (easier and quicker to make), just create pitch black point lights and use
FadeLightTo(string& asLightName, float afR, float afG, float afB, float afA, float afRadius, float afTime);
to adjust the radius and colors. float afTime looks fine with 0.5f.

candles entity properties should be like this:
uncheck lit (obviously)
check PlayerInteractCallbackAutoRemove (so you cant press mouse on the candle more than once)
and put what you want to use as the functions name into the PlayerInteractCallback

If this seems too complicated or anything, just ask for better explanation!