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RE: Facts from Amnesia - LucaP1000 - 07-17-2011

Fact: Daniel did not realize the obivious when Alexander said "The water can be used for all sort of purposes".

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Ideka - 07-21-2011

I can't believe nobody mentioned this yet.
Fact: Don't forget... some things mustn't be forgotten...
Maybe you all forgot?

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Brennenburg - 07-21-2011

Herp Derp.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - LucaP1000 - 07-21-2011

Oh noues! I forgot!

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Vinter - 07-21-2011

Fact: The red jam coming out of the walls touches you inappropriately.
Fact: You shouldn't touch orbs found in Algeria.
Fact: A small rock, or a loaf of bread, thrown at the right time could save your life.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Clord - 07-22-2011

Fact: Monster spawns are triggered mostly only once.
Fact: Running away from monsters and/or letting them beat Daniel is faster method than hiding.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Tanshaydar - 07-22-2011

Fact: People has a tendency to forget that Amnesia shouldn't be played to win.
Fact: People has a tendency to break the immersion.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - NyteMyre - 07-22-2011

Fact: 90% of the facts in this thread are lame.....
Fact: There's a watermonster in the sewers

RE: Facts from Amnesia - eliasfrost - 07-22-2011

Fact: The acid in the prison kitchen can dissolve one whole pig!

RE: Facts from Amnesia - RawkBandMan - 07-23-2011

Fact: This game is scary.



Fact: Changing the gamma in windowed mode will change the gamma for you whole computer screen, until you shut off the game.