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RE: Facts from Amnesia - Angerpull - 07-24-2011

Fact: Daniel is a floating arm running around a castle with a lantern, Diary and a backpack strapped on his shoulder.

Fact: Monsters can be KILLED.

Fact: Water is water.

Fact: Alexander can float in the air... your arguement is invalid.

Fact: Floors are thinner than atoms.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - tonewww - 07-24-2011

Fact: You can port Call of cthulhu music to amnesia ^.^

RE: Facts from Amnesia - BrooksyFC - 07-26-2011

Fact: Brutes could never do oral Wink

RE: Facts from Amnesia - sjr12 - 07-26-2011

Fact: Originally, the developers allowed for the player to choose whether or not Daniel's sister died based on how the player interacted with the game.

Fact: The Brute has a tiny eyeball that sticks out of it's "face."

Fact: Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa and Johann Weyer were real individuals. You can look them up on Wikipedia.

Fact: A thaler is a small German coin.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Henriksen - 07-26-2011

Fact: Alexander is a baron.

Fact: Daniel is even cooler than Chuck Norris Smile

RE: Facts from Amnesia - MasaMainio - 07-29-2011

Fact: Castle Brennenburg contains a lot of tinderboxes

Fact: Gatherers can't see through the cell door witch have bars.

Fact: You can avoid capture in chancel.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Brennenburg - 07-30-2011

Fact: The water-dwelling Kaernk likes meat.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Sir Enthusiasm - 07-30-2011

Fact: Daniel has witnessed IMPOSSHIBLE GEOMETREH!

Fact: Daniel is rather oblivious.

Fact: There is no shame in using a parasol in the desert.

Fiction: Placing a parasol in the vat of acid in the kitchen will cause Herbert to recite the cut Herbert diaries which can still be found in the Super Secret folder today.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Henriksen - 07-31-2011

Fact: When you feel something warm in your pants after playing amnesia, it is what you think. Whetever you like it or not.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - MasaMainio - 07-31-2011

Fact: Grunts like Milky ways