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RE: Facts from Amnesia - Hardarm - 07-10-2011

Will spiders try to attack you while you are in the staircase? or they are only insanity visions? And where are them, in the normal nave or in the nave redux? Are them from critter folder? Going to check.

Fact: Also Alexander is naked.
Ok it's an insanity event, it's not a living spider that attacks you ^^

In the critter folder there's a spider that actually can attack you.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Im_Sexy - 07-10-2011

Everything that is important glows.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Roenlond - 07-11-2011

Fact: Monsters can not see you during a flashback.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - laser50 - 07-11-2011

fact: some spiders bug out and become invisible.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - jenskaj1 - 07-11-2011

fact: early Brute rejected concepts were more terrifying

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Xanatos - 07-11-2011

Fact: There's a good reason for the darkness.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Tinio - 07-11-2011

Fact: Daniel holds a lantern.

Fact: He also has 5 fingers.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Frost - 07-11-2011

Fact: Daniel has a sister.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - Serena - 07-11-2011

(07-11-2011, 04:11 PM)Frost Wrote: Fact: Daniel has a sister.

Had a sister...

Fact: There are six specialized torture rooms.

RE: Facts from Amnesia - theDARKW0LF - 07-11-2011

Fact: There should be more Cuprite...