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Post Effect bug - cEkIc - 04-09-2007

Well i have the same problem like the guy had in this thread. I did turn of Catalyst A.I. in the Ati tray tools and the problem still occures when motion blur and/or bloom is turned on.
I have Ati radeon 9600 SE and latest 7.3 catalyst drivers plus omega drivers for ATI.
SOLVED:All i had to do was turn the Catalyst A.I. on low or high but not turning it off, kinda opposite then what should i do but it works Big Grin

Oh and how do i turn off the FPS counter in the ATI because everytime i play penumbra it shows in the upper right corner.

RE: Post Effect bug - Thaliur - 04-09-2007

7.3 is the latest version of Catalyst? Thanks for pointing it out, I'll update straight away Smile

I don't know about the FPS counter, never noticed that. Maybe you're running something like Fraps in the background? This will show FPS too. Or it's part of the Omega drivers.
Maybe you shouldn'T use Catalyst and Omega at the same time. To me it sounds like two people in the driving seat of the same car, this will never work...
Or maybe I just interpreted your post wrong.

RE: Post Effect bug - cEkIc - 04-09-2007

Solved the fps counter problem too. Yeah it was same counter from FRAPS but it was part of ati tray tools and when i closed tray tools it didnt show up anymore. I think running both of the drivers at the same time wont make any problems because the omega drivers were based on the catalyst 7.1 but it has more options and such and it enables multiresolution so your resolution can go up to 2560 x 1600.