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Artificial Schizophrenia - Synatic - 07-02-2011

Sup guys,
since my other post seemed to not really gather the attention I've wanted I thought I'd open up a new thread.

I've decided to call my story Artificial Schizophrenia, mainly because that's what it is about.
A Protagonist with 3 simultanious conciousness'.
Those 3 will have voice actors, me and 2 guys i know in real life.
Furthermore ZortaEnzane is gonna lend her voice to a female Charakter which I do not want to reveal yet.

The mapping/scripting team so far consists of:
Xtron (on vacation)

I want anyone who feels like mapping/scripting to hit me up, then I'll instruct him of what the map needs to have. Of course credit is given where credit is due.

The story itself is going to have a lot of voice acting and hopefully works out to present a great story.

Do not think of this as a 1-man-project, everyone on my team so far contributes great work and equally makes the story hug the engine a bit more each day.

You may contact me via steam or skype.
Steam: SynaticGamer2
Skype: conker1337

I'm looking forward hearing from anyone Smile


RE: Artificial Schizophrenia - Henriksen - 07-03-2011

Omg this is going to be orgasmic, I love custom stories made by a team Big Grin

RE: Artificial Schizophrenia - Doctorcheese - 07-03-2011

I could help you with mapping but my scripting is pretty much useless Big Grin
I can make good and atmospheric maps though, except the scripting part.