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Water Cave - lillbrorsan - 04-11-2007

Spoiler below!
I'm having problems just right after the spot where you use the small rock to go over the acid, i go out and to the right and start to run but the problem is that if i crouch im too slow, if i stand up and run normally i will get stuck somewhere and if i sprint i will get stuck in the ceiling.
Any ideas? :/

RE: Water Cave - Thaliur - 04-11-2007

Spoiler below!
Is this the part where the giant rock ball rolls after you?
If it is, you can shatter the planks over the big hole after you crossed that. This way the ball will fall into the hole and get stuck.

RE: Water Cave - lillbrorsan - 04-11-2007

I will try it right away Smile

RE: Water Cave - theone2 - 04-11-2007

Spoiler below!
just run fast you dont have to use ths small rock.