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Custom Story Ideas Please - Kyle - 07-06-2011

I was thinking about making a custom story with a good, deep story that keeps me motivated to make it. I never released a full custom story yet because I have a weak story, and the story is like at least a fourth of the custom story. It is like a missing piece. So I must say, may you fill it for me? Tongue

Thanks in advance. What you post here could make a good custom story, or a bad one. ^^

RE: Custom Story Ideas Please? - Synatic - 07-06-2011

isn't that exactly what we r doing at the moment kyle??=(

RE: Custom Story Ideas Please? - laser50 - 07-06-2011

Think of your own Stories... That is the only advice i'm giving.

RE: Custom Story Ideas Please? - Kyle - 07-06-2011

(07-06-2011, 10:28 AM)Synatic Wrote: isn't that exactly what we r doing at the moment kyle??=(

Yeah, but I'm talking about my own custom story that I want to do at the same time or whenever.


You don't understand, countless times I have tried to make a good story and I've failed. Once I reach a certain part that doesn't fit with the rest it falls completely apart. It's like some writer's block or something. Most of the custom stories seem so linear with the same story in general. I want to do something new.

Edit: Nevermind, I have an idea for my custom story. Tongue

RE: Custom Story Ideas Please - MrCookieh - 07-06-2011

It's not easy to create an original custom story. I know, you have your story now, but here just an advice:

At first, you should think of the main aspects of your story. Let's just say it's about a man who is a
prisoner, and wants to escape. (Just an example). Now you have your main setting.

To build up a storyline, you have to note, what elements you want to bring into your custom story.
Like: A lot of monsters spawning? Shocking parts? Or just a creepy atmosphere, with evil mind traps?
-> Combine these ideas with your story. It should all work together, like a cog fits to the other one.

Finally, but more optional (but I think it's a good idea), add an optional story, which will be told
simultaneously with your main plot. This prevents that your story gets boring and dull.
This shouldn't take over the main plot! (but it can influence it, and maybe be an important part for the main story)
But like I've said, it's optional.
Now create your level design :3 (While designing the level, you get new ideas. Add them!)

These are my steps to create a nice storyline Smile

RE: Custom Story Ideas Please - Henriksen - 07-13-2011

1. Step: Who is the characters? When does it take place? When does it take place?
2. Step: What do I want to focus on? Action? Puzzles? Exploration? Or all mentioned?
3. Step: Make layouts, drafts and so on
4. Step: Start writing
5. Step: Try and fail, make different example maps and see what fits and what doesnt.

EDIT: Oh you already have a story x)

RE: Custom Story Ideas Please - ferryadams11 - 07-15-2011

Be creative.

First you should think about the main character. Afterwards you think of a main goal. And on your trail u get all kinds of problems like blocked ways and so.
In the story u could use chained prisoners and ritual prisoners etc and ask several voice acting peeps to voice act for u.(Make the voice acting lines give clues which will lead u a step closer to the main goal of the main character. In the story u must have sub goals, like looking for a key or finding something to cross over a broken path, inbetween the broken path you can just make a big hole or something. While looking for the key u could use traps and so as well. To make the story longer.
BTW: make the side characters also play a role in your story to make it more emotional, intesive and more attracting to keep going with it./ addicting xD

Hope this helps u along a bit.
Kind regards,
Ferry Adams

RE: Custom Story Ideas Please - Kurton - 07-15-2011

I'll just, uh, leave this here Wink