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RE: Metal thread \m/ - Kman - 11-28-2012

Was being totally serious, Converge is a fucking amazing band, especially considering they play metalcore which as I said above sounds like horse shit 95% of the time. If you don't believe me, go listen to their album Jane Doe, it's easily one of my favorite albums at the moment.

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Wooderson - 11-28-2012

Yeah I guess i'll leave you with that... XD

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Adny - 11-28-2012

So emotional

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Kman - 11-28-2012

Well if you seriously think I'm the only one who thinks that...

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Alex Ros - 11-28-2012


RE: Metal thread \m/ - Bridge - 11-29-2012

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Wooderson - 11-29-2012

(11-28-2012, 11:28 PM)Kman Wrote: Well if you seriously think I'm the only one who thinks that...
Fair review. With me though, I am not a massive fan of metalcore, and the metalcore I do like I have to like it the first time I hear it. Its very rare I give time for metalcore to grow on me unless its thrown at me. Example being this...

Love or hate (as most people do with BMTH)... I didn't like them at all from hearing them the first few times but they did grow on me. Specifically this song...

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Kman - 11-29-2012

...Yeah I'm not a very big fan of BMTH. That album Jane Doe has an insane amount of depth to it past the average metalcore album. Past the average album out of almost any genre, in fact. The first few tracks give you the impression that it's jut going to be break down after break down, but almost every song off it stands on it's own. Plus, if you look into the story behind it there is soooo much more depth to it than what you get out of it after the first listen. Easily a classic in my mind.

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Unearthlybrutal - 11-30-2012

(11-28-2012, 04:59 PM)Unearthlybrutal Wrote: Check out my one man band "Ripped Entrails":
YouTube play list.
Brutal deathcore / brutal death metal \m/
There are four songs in the EP, but I'll do the whole album when I have some more time.

Please, tell me what you think Smile
Uploaded the final song from that album Smile

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Gunslingerjh - 12-01-2012

New album is so good, damn!