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RE: Metal thread \m/ - Wooderson - 01-20-2013

I approve of Slipknot.

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Kman - 01-21-2013

As far as Slipknot goes, Iowa is pretty good, their self titled is average and then their latest two are ohgodpleasenoQQ. My main problem with them is how insanely overrated they are, they've been mediocre at best their whole career and yet for some reason they're one of the most well known metal bands of this generation with one of the most annoyingly dedicated fanbases ever. Seriously if I say even a single negative thing about them to 98% of their fans I immediately get a response along the lines of "wow fuck you faggot I bet you listen to Justin Bieber and One Direction". Plus I can't even begin to explain to you how many times I've seen "xXxSlIpKnOtXwArIoRxXx" go to some random metal video that has nothing to do with them and explain how inferior to Slipknot that band is and how everyone there must have their ears broken and should just go listen to Slipknot.

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Wooderson - 01-21-2013

Its different for me, I have NEVER seen an actual Slipknot fanboy, only hear people talk about them and how annoying they are... Guess I'm lucky.

But as far as their total album work goes I doubt I could listen to everything they've done, but they've made some kickass stuff which makes me understand why they're so known.

As with a lot of idiotic fans, (metal fans being some of the worst) they give bands a bad rep.

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Kman - 01-21-2013

Actually the only reason I have an opinion on all their albums is because I used to be super into them in like 6th or 7th grade (lol), and just a few months ago after I started really expanding my taste in music I decided to try coming back to them, and I already had all their albums in my iTunes so you know. Only reason I like Iowa is because it just sounds so angry and abrasive which I love in music, which they almost completely dropped after that album. Unfortunately though the lyrics on it are generally pretty dumb which brings down the over all quality of it ("I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound, I wanna dig inside and feel the swoon" seriously?). Besides, if I just want really angry abrasive music I usually just go to Converge, Pg. 99 or Dangers.

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Wooderson - 01-21-2013

See Converge... They are quite literally bummed on Ultimate Guitar which irritates me how I just cannot get into them at all. They do nothing for me, and I feel left out Sad

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Kman - 01-21-2013

They definitely take some time to get into, no doubt, but they make some really really fucking great stuff. If you're just looking for a good place to start, I'd say check out Axe To Fall or All We Love We Leave Behind, those two albums are definitely more accessible than their older stuff. They're easily one of my favorite bands though, I haven't heard an album by them that I didn't either think was pretty damn good or love so far. If it makes you feel better though I feel the same way about The Devil and Gods are Raging Inside Me by Brand New Tongue (Deja Entendu kicks ass though)

In case any of you guys weren't aware:

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Kman - 01-22-2013

Progressive post metal with heavy math rock influence. Also rad as fukkkk.

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Zannibal - 02-04-2013

Any Maiden fans here? We just got our new cover ready Tongue

I'm the guy with the black guitar and Korn sticker on it Big Grin

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Kman - 02-04-2013

Haven't found a band that's this intense in a while.

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Zannibal - 02-07-2013

We've got new song out Big Grin

This time a little more thrashy.