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RE: Metal thread \m/ - Draug - 06-26-2013

nice! Smile I also love this version:

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Gunslingerjh - 06-27-2013

Video games + Metal = Last Chance To Reason

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Artyom - 07-28-2013

Hardarm wanted me to post this here due to some weird bug not letting him post it by himself.

Anyways here it is.

Here's a post-metal masterpiece, the album is hard to listen on youtube because it's a bit compressed, and post-metal will sound almost like noise here.

But it's so amazing you gotta hear it. So download it if you can.
The concept of the album:
"The songs tell a story about a man who becomes dissatisfied with the world around him and leaves to find a place of solitude (Europa). However, upon reaching it, he realizes that he left behind things that were meaningful to him."

So powerful.
The first CD is with the music, the second one is with noise tracks to play at the same time of the CD1.

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Slanderous - 08-09-2013

Any Pan-fucnkin-tera fans here?

(06-26-2013, 09:25 PM)Zannibal Wrote: Castlevania fans here? I made a little bit heavier version of Bloody Tears

Actually I love your Iron Maiden flag-thing or something Big Grin Also cover is nice, I like it.

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Nice - 08-09-2013

my friend showed me this song, i dont normally listen to metal but i found this one hilarious

yes this is metal, give it some time Tongue

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Draug - 08-11-2013

(08-09-2013, 12:35 PM)lazz3r Wrote:

Any Pan-fucnkin-tera fans here?

Here! Love all their albums they made since 1990.


RE: Metal thread \m/ - Kman - 08-12-2013

grinecoar for the soul

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Slanderous - 08-13-2013

(08-11-2013, 08:41 PM)droog Wrote:
(08-09-2013, 12:35 PM)lazz3r Wrote:

Any Pan-fucnkin-tera fans here?

Here! Love all their albums they made since 1990.


10's, Floods, Underground in America, and of course The Great Southern Trendkill are my fav tracks from Trendkill. Big Grin

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Zannibal - 09-01-2013

I'm Bach.

And I have new Castlevania cover, to bang your head on.

I'm not completely happy with the sound of solo guitar, but otherwise I'm happy with it. I guess Big Grin

RE: Metal thread \m/ - Sakonosolo - 09-01-2013

There's a lot of good metal albums coming out this and early next year. Not sure if anyone listens to these bands though.

Slough Feg
The Ruins of Beverast

This could be take as suggestions too, all the above bands are pretty good.