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Skybox Question/Errors - JenniferOrange - 07-21-2011

I'm trying to make myself my own skybox. I downloaded a nice picture I wanted in cube map form from cgtextures(dot)com. I've been following the wiki's outdoor environments tutorial, too!
I have the .dds plugin, I'm running Windows Vista and Photoshop CS5 (full version) and when I try and save, I get an error that says:
"Need six images side by side and width equal height."
I'm not understanding what it means. I don't have the JPEG split into 6 images, it's in it's cube map form with all six pictures together. What do I do? Sad

RE: Skybox Question/Errors - palistov - 07-21-2011

Try making sure the dimensions are a multiple of 2.

RE: Skybox Question/Errors - JenniferOrange - 07-21-2011

They are; I've put in the suggested 8192x1024.

RE: Skybox Question/Errors - DRedshot - 07-21-2011

you might want to try 1024x6144, because although 8192 is a multiple of two, it is not 1024x6

RE: Skybox Question/Errors - JenniferOrange - 07-22-2011

DRedshot you are a magic genius, it worked. Big Grin Thankyou!