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[Model] Flail - nkmol - 07-21-2011

i've made a flail. I know how to pronounce it in Dutch xD
anyway, hope you guys like it Smile

[Image: goedendag.png]

here download link :

RE: [Model] Spikeball (don't know name of wep) - DonProtz - 07-21-2011

Looks good Nkmol Cool

haha nice chain Tongue
no really good work, did you edit it in modeleditor so the physics are working, espacially at the chain?

RE: [Model] Spikeball (don't know name of wep) - nkmol - 07-21-2011

well the chain is one as you can see. But the handle and the ball will spin Tongue and chain sound is added at the chain Wink
thanks Big Grin

RE: [Model] Spikeball (don't know name of wep) - DonProtz - 07-21-2011

ah okay, that was enough work. perhaps you could make it a bit rusty or bloody ^^

RE: [Model] Spikeball (don't know name of wep) - Roenlond - 07-21-2011

The name is 'flail'. Looks good Smile

RE: [Model] Flail - nkmol - 07-21-2011

Thanks Big Grin

Tomorrow i'll create a joints at every chain part, for maximum bend performance :p
Also ill make some blood on the ball Smile

RE: [Model] Flail - graykin - 07-21-2011

Keep the non-bloody version available, as we're not all sadistic blood-lusters. Big Grin

RE: [Model] Flail - Ghostflame - 07-22-2011

Nice, I've always liked flails. Tongue

RE: [Model] Flail - nkmol - 07-22-2011

hmmm, i've added joint at any part of the chain. it works perfect in the Model editor. But as soon i want to crap it, it goes crazy xD most of the time this is happening when a body part it into another body part, but checked and all was fine :S btw, as soon i detach the handle, the handle is working and not flipping. this is also when i do this whith the spikeball. but when they are attached to each other, it goes crazy Wink

RE: [Model] Flail - Tenno - 07-22-2011

Great model, if only you could swing it into a grunts face Tongue