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How do I make clouds? - SLAMnesia - 08-04-2011

Anyone have any good ideas/input for making clouds? I tried for 15 minutes but this iswhat I got :\ its pathetic

RE: How do I make clouds? - graykin - 08-04-2011

Unless I'm mistaken, it looks like you're using one giant sprite to constitute the cloud you're trying to make.

Not being a particle system expert, I'd recommend using multiple sprites with random size, slightly random color (light gray/dark gray), and some subtle rotation as well. Something more along these lines, I think.

RE: How do I make clouds? - palistov - 08-04-2011

Try using ps_area_fog_xlarge and/or ps_fog_sky. The area fog looks good as ground fog but putting some up higher in the map could pass for some cloud cover. The sky fog is a flat moving level of fog. It's only visible from the bottom though so don't panic if you can't see it from the top, just look at it from below Tongue

On another note: Fog areas are more of a global thing, they look pretty awful if you're looking outside-in. Don't try to use them for clouds :S

RE: How do I make clouds? - Your Computer - 08-04-2011

Judging by the image, it seems you wouldn't mind static clouds, so finding yourself a good skybox image should work out fine for you. The stalker complete mods have some awesome sky-boxes.

RE: How do I make clouds? - Phoroneus - 08-04-2011

I use for skyboxes. My free account lets me use whatever images I want at a limited size, which is often more than enough for a skybox. In a worst-case scenario I do some editing in GIMP and make it passable.

If you're looking for more mobile, in-game clouds, I'm not sure how I'd do that, but if you just want clouds as a part of the sky your best bet is to look here: