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Problems with sound - narutohokager - 08-04-2011

Hi FG.

I have a problem with a sound, i want it to play the sound "enabled" the grunt, but it plays one of the brute, because he has the same filename but in different folders...

Any help ?

Here is the script command

PlaySoundAtEntity("","enabled", "AreaGruntSound", 0, false);


RE: Problems with sound - Your Computer - 08-04-2011

You could try copying the files to your custom story's sounds folder and renaming the files.

RE: Problems with sound - narutohokager - 08-04-2011

Thank, its working ! Big Grin

RE: Problems with sound - palistov - 08-05-2011

The reason for that is the files are named the same. If you don't want the hassle of copying it, you can always further specify the path name.

PlaySoundAtEntity("", "grunt/enabled.snt", "AreaGruntSound", 0, false);