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Ladder Area Problem - DRedshot - 08-05-2011

I've got a ladder area in my map, but it doesn't work at all. It's about 20cm away from the ladder entity, but it just wont work. It only works when i move it about a metre away. The only things the Ladder area is in contact with is two script-areas and a fogbox. I dont want the ladder area to be a metre away from the ladder, so could anyone suggest any solutions?


RE: Ladder Area Problem - palistov - 08-05-2011

I don't think ladder areas will function unless there's enough space around in. The player's body climbs through the center of the box, so if you have it right on top of your ladder it won't work, because the player body will collide with the ladder.

Try expanding the width and girth of the ladder area (x and z scale) too.

RE: Ladder Area Problem - DRedshot - 08-05-2011

thanks, i'll try this later, also, does anyone know if Areas can be Disabled with
SetEntityActive("" , false); ?

my situation is that i have an area with an interact callback, which needs to be disabled after something else is completed, but when i use SetEntityActive("" , false); I can still interact with it! is there a RemovePlayerInteractCallback i could use to cancel the callback?

Thanks again!

RE: Ladder Area Problem - Tanshaydar - 08-05-2011

Yes, you can activate and deactivate areas with script.