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Best Custom Stories? - Wonderbread - 08-05-2011

I love to play custom stories with my friends and s**t bricks with them. Although we have played a lot of custom stories, so I would love it if you could suggest some good and very scary custom stories if possible.

We have played most of the popular ones like The Sins We Hide, Cannibalism, Electric Castle, etc. Any hidden gems among the lesser known custom stories?

RE: Best Custom Stories? - Tanshaydar - 08-05-2011

I think the best way is to try them all one by one:

RE: Best Custom Stories? - palistov - 08-06-2011

I agree with Tanshaydar. Browse the Showcase forum or hit up ModDB; most custom story creators post their work there as well so you can see screenshots/videos and read up on the story's background.

RE: Best Custom Stories? - convolution223 - 08-06-2011

Cue shameless self-promotion:

title- To Give Is To Force


But for the record, and for my modesty, yeah I agree with the previous posts. try 'em all. I mean, they're free so why not.

RE: Best Custom Stories? - Kman - 08-06-2011

Well it's not really a very unknown one but I really enjoyed an unexpected arrival. I haven't really played to many others so that's all I have to offer

RE: Best Custom Stories? - SLAMnesia - 08-06-2011

Through the Portal was a great one. it was very original in its puzzles, atmosphere (no shit) and had a new monster which was great. i'm not the guy who made it but its definitely worth a shot

RE: Best Custom Stories? - nofsky - 08-07-2011

As far as keeping the same, or close to the same quality as Frictional Game's stories there unfortunately aren't many custom stories that do (I haven't played them all though). Through the Portal is great, and I liked Isle as well. A lot of unreleased projects look really promising though, it takes a while for people to get familiar with the tools, scripting etc. so I think we'll see some really good stories in the future.

RE: Best Custom Stories? - Dizturbed - 08-07-2011

I would say;
Abduction, The Servant's Diaries(Servant's Trial), An Unexpected Arrival, and Snowed In.

I enjoyed all of these.
They are all good custom stories I think you should check out =D

But, as Tanshaydar said; "I think the best way is to try them all one by one"
That is true, you should look at all of them, because there isn't only the custom stories above which is good, way more! =)