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Amnesia co-op - Uzrbital - 08-16-2011

Reviving this topic, yes?

I saw a topic from 2010 where the OP mentioned amnesia co-op. I saw several ideas, like AI director and simple co-op. I saw a lot of people yelling at the OP saying that it would ruin the scare and atmosphere, but you're not really forced to play multi (if ever implented in amnesia/future releases). It would be pretty neat to be honest. Imagine a big map, with two players. Both use a mic, and they have to split up due to a puzzle or some crap. Since the voice chat would then be limited within a certain radius, one question would be racing in the players mind. "Is my partner dead?". Hearing each others footsteps would also cause suspicion that it's a monster, and not the other player. Hiding in tiny rooms will be harder, because one of the players might end up having a bad hiding spot. Please, do not complain that it would ruin the atmosphere and the scare, because it wouldn't be forced on you.


RE: Amnesia co-op - Tanshaydar - 08-16-2011

Hi and welcome forum.
If you are to revive this topic, you could use it instead of opening new one and prevent people from writing same things over and over.