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Penumbra reviewed on swedish TV
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Penumbra reviewed on swedish TV

Hey, Penumbra was reviewed on TV, just 5-10 minutes ago, on SVT1 during the morning show. It got 3 out 5 (or is it 3 out of 4?).

Now I missed the beginning of the review, bu the reviewer was obviousy positive and said lots of good things about Penumbra atmosphere. He had some criticism too, that I did not understand (he said the "narrator voice" ruined his suspensionof disbelief, but this voice is only in the intro of the game!?).

Just thought you should know.
03-12-2008, 08:02 AM
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RE: Penumbra reviewed on swedish TV

The base announcer was listed as "narrator" in the files and credits, as far as I know, maybe he meant the various funny announcements like "Dead workers are inefficient workers" and similar.
I wouldn't say they ruined the game though, quite the opposite. They made a nice contrast to the rest of the game.

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03-12-2008, 08:30 AM
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RE: Penumbra reviewed on swedish TV

Quote:Penumbra: The Black Plague
För: PC
Ã…lder: 16
Betyg: 3
Det är svårt att var allt för kritisk mot det svenska spelet Penumbra. Inte bara av patriotiska skäl, utan också för att det är så charmigt att två killar (visserligen med underleverantörer, men ändå) kan knåpa ihop ett så pass avancerat spel på en låg budget.
Den som spelade del ett i serien, Overture, känner igen sig. I underjordiska gångar jagar man runt efter sanningen om sin fars försvinnande. Spelet är i första personsperspektiv, men våldet är minimalt. Skräcken är mer krypande och räddast är man faktiskt inte när något händer, utan när man allt som oftast har den där gnagande känslan av att de snart kommer att göra det.

Problemet med spelet är egentligen ett enda - röstskådespeleriet och manuset som rösten använder. Det håller helt enkelt inte måttet och förstör allt som oftast känsla i spelet. Att man kan köpa eller ladda ner det för under 200 kronor förlåter dock en hel del.

Here it is, translated by me:

Penumbra: The Black Plague (A typo /Kedjane)
For: PC
Age: 16
Rating: 3
It is hard to be all too critic against the swedish game Penumbra.
Not only for patriotical reasons, but also because it is so charming that two guys (though with underworkers, but still) can put together a such advanced game with such a low budget.
Those who played part one in the series, Overture, will recognize themselves. In underground tunnels you chase after the truth about your fathers disappearance. The game is in first person-view, but the violence is minimal. The fear is more crawling and you're accualy not the most scared when something is happening, but rather when you quite commonly get that gnawing feel that something soon will.

The games problem is in fact one - the voice acting and the script the voice is using. It simply doesn't preform and usually destroys the feeling in the game. That you can buy or download it for 200 kr (Currently around 32$ /Kedjane) though forgives alot.

Worst regards, Kejdane.
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03-12-2008, 01:20 PM

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