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Which one is it?
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Which one is it?

SO I meant to, y'know, actually ask this after I registered ages ago, but now is as good as ever. Or not really. Also hope this goes here.
OKAY. So, I totes picked up the physical copy of Penumbra a while after Amnesia was released. Like, that one with all three games included, yeah? Yeah.

Blah, blah, here I jump into the Penumbra/Amnesia community and see that everyone is addressing our less than righteous protagonist as Philip La'fresque and that left me awfully confused because the boxart has this guy's surname written as Buchanon, which is obviously, very different from the other.
I know the fandom has pretty much adopted the first one regardless, so this doesn't even matter but was that actually meant to be it, or was "Buchanon" a simple or not-so-simple mis-print? How on earth did they come up with that?

Yes, I do know how surnames work in the real world, but baby-daddy was all AWOL before he was even born, because alien science is really that important, so it's not out there that momma could use her own, ect.

Oh yeah, there's also that thing where Clarence calls him an English teacher? I'm pretty sure the first game said otherwise but what the 'ell do I know, man.

IDK, not really important AT ALL, but it bugs me every time I see that darned box sitting on my shelf.
04-01-2015, 06:59 AM

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