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New Game Teaser
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New Game Teaser

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03-02-2020, 02:36 PM
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RE: New Game Teaser

is this energetic 2?

This forum is dead
03-02-2020, 10:44 PM
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RE: New Game Teaser

It is a new Amnesia game called Amnesia: Rebirth.

More info can be found here:
Frictional Games: https://frictionalgames.com/2020-03-fric...tumn-2020/
Home page: https://amnesiarebirth.com/ .

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03-24-2020, 07:48 PM
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RE: New Game Teaser

I felt the need to say that the new game looks fantastic and am excited to see more. Thank you Frictional (as always).

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04-02-2020, 04:25 AM
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