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I've completely remastered Amnesia: The Dark Descent
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I've completely remastered Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I already wrote this on reddit, but for the other users...
I've completely remastered Amnesia: The Dark Descent:

This forum was really helpful, a lot of great ideas on how to improve the game mainly the parallax effect.

Upscaled every single texture up to 4 times
Remade some textures from scratch
Added PBR materials and a wide variety of floors and ceilings
Redone every single normal, specular and some height maps
Applied more cubemaps and refractions to objects
Updated the shaders (including the 3D parallax effect) THANKS Deu Sex & sgi
Updated many entities:
- fixed the ragdoll pig
- made more entities breakable and interactable
- added a subtle variety to enemies
Redone or tweaked lighting in every single TDD map
Candles and other light sources now automatically cast shadows and light up the fog around them
Upscaled and remade some PS materials, dust and fog are now affected by light level
Tweaked player controls
Fixed small number of known map bugs
Changed windows:
- windows now reflect the interior
- all windows are now seethrough
Change some floors to reflect the surroundings
Replaced the fonts with sharper ones
Scaled down some UI elements
Added back cut content such as:
- Herbert's diary
- unused sounds
- unused music tracks
Redone some reverb sounds
Tweaked some scripts.

There also are some unwanted side effects and problems. More on the moddb page!
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