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Oh god
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Oh god

Beat Amnesia (loved it, I adore horror games) but I found that after the dungeons/morgue I got normalized to the monsters. However I just installed Penumbra and it's pretty spooky. I must admit I died like 3 times trying to hammer the dog to death but the atmosphere of a abandoned mine has really got me going. I'm just barely at the beginning but I'm very excited to play through the game and its respective expansions. Playing alone at 4AM really cranks the fear factor up.

I just really enjoy the loss of "power" that a game like Penumbra can give. While I can wield my pick-axe of might, I really enjoy the adventure puzzle solving aspect set in a gloomy abyss. I read that it's sequel removed the dogs and the weapons which I'm actually excited for. I think the lack of any real weapons gives you a greater fear.

Having my buddy play through Amnesia right now after he saw me play through some of it. I really get my jollies seeing my friends play through horror games. I must admit that most games don't scare me (a long time understanding of how games work/scare tactics) but I really feel these puzzle-venture horror games really set the mood.

PS: The first dog gave me a god damn heart attack and I sat near the boxes thinking he'd poof like the monsters in amnesia to my dismay, lol.
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