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A question for the developpers
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RE: A question for the developpers

(10-15-2011, 03:57 PM)Googolplex Wrote: I watched the movie "The Descent" and it have to following in common with Penumbra:

1. A dark mining complex
2. Flashlights (ok, that's normal, but...)
3. Green glowsticks! and...
4. Red flares!
5. Monsters look like the infected.
6. The only weapon in the film is a hammer.

7. The game after Penumbra even called similar to "The Descent"
ok, both the descent and penumbra are great, but i really don't think they have too much in common Tongue i think those are mainly just coincidences...

haha anyways, yes i think one of the main inspirations for penumbra was the thing. i mean they use a lot of the same horror techniques and the environment is very similar. i mean just look at the kennel in black plague, they practically took that right out of that scene from the thing!

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